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A Dedication to Veronica Kuclo
For all of the Pagans who know me (Aaron J. Wilburn Jr., AKA Mangione, Spiritual Perspective, & Magick Sorceror) from when I was going to the weekly meetings at Gundella's Witch Shop (Middlebelt and Ford Roads in Garden City), this is a special page based on my experience of going to the meetings, and a tribute to the owner, Veronica Kuclo.

This all started in late March of this year, when I was talking to some in a Pagan chatroom on the currently shut down WBS chatroom. (Her name is Crystal, but I know her as Krikytt), and she told me about the Tuesday meetings, so one day, when I was at Wonderland Mall, I decided to make a trip over there to Gundella's and see what was going on. I was introduced and was welcomed to the coven by Pete and Veronica. At that time, I was known as the Spiritual Perspective, and then I was skeptical about what Pagans do.

I had went there for 8 weeks, and then I had went out for the summer, enjoying myself and learning HTML to make a batter page then what I did before ... because I had thought about expanding it. However, due to inner thoughts about magick, and thinking abourt sorcerers and wizards (from this URL and my roleplaying characters), i had started researching in witchcraft and magick, and started by going back to Gundella's on Sept. 28. From then, my goal was to try and learn the mystic arts as another tool for healing and to make a stronger connection to the Power within, the pure source of my true esteem and desire.

However, through the weeks, even though I was eager to go to Gundells'a every week, I felt like I was inivsoible, especially the first 2-3 weeks. On top of that, overhearing a number of things about witchcraft, magick, energy, and inner power, I kinda feel so good, and no one talked to me over that period (except Krikytt). During the other days, after work, I had went to bookstores and looked at books and went online and started looking at Pagan and witchcraft sites. All I could never comprehend.

On October 19, the 3rd week, I had started toi talk with others about it. One person asked that I should refer to the book, "Solitary Practitioners: Beginning Witchcraft". That gave me a good idea ... however, however, a spirit guide named Trent met me at Redford Plaza, before I was going to catch the Joy Road bus. Trent said that the strong ability of the mystic is within, and we alredday know about it, howeer, I did not want to take it to my own hands because of a few reasons: 1)Because of the fact that overhearing on the 3rd week, that any wrong action couls cast evil entities in this realm, and 2) I got flamed 11 times on my site for that.

On October 26, Ia tarot card reading was administered to me by Pete. From the cards, it was known that I have an inner struggle I had, and told me to work on it ... I had an OK feeling, but then, at the final question, about me and learning wiotchcraft and the mystic arts, and then I turned the cards, and then he told me to keep the faith in myself, I really wondered about that ... as now, 9 people have told me that .. I kinda wonder that as a sign ...

Well, it's November 2, it's the New Year, and again, just like every Tuesday when I am going to the meetings from Metro Airport and Southland Mall, I was eagher and ready to get more info on witchcraft and chat with others ... yet, when I got off that Middlebelt bus, I seen Gundella's closed. I had wondered what had happened ... then I hear about Veronica being killed, that hit the deepest of my heart ... because when I heard that, I felt that my dream was crushed ... and all was dark inside. Although physically, I did not mourn, I know that my spirit was broken, again, just like the first 2 weeks of going ... kinda like when Kathryn had to cancel her meditation and healing class back in late 1998 ... after 12 weeks of the class.

Between the times when I was dropped off and was going home, I had a vision that I was on a bus, a bus that one trip was 24 hours long. I would be the one on the bus, and that it would be non-stop, with it being dark all day. For me, that symbolizaes that it feels that I am all alone again in my goal, and that my faith is dropping every single second after leaving 6248 Middlebelt. So now, I have to wonder about the rest of my life ... and about my witchcraft and magick inside ... if I have any ... some say I do, and some say I don't .. it is confusing to hear both. I still wonder.

And then, the last memory I have, if not all of the energy that I felt of everybody practicing that power, I still remember that chant that Krikytt had, before I left Middlebelt Road for what could be the last time:
"We are a circle, within a circle ... never ending, only beginning."

Well, I guess the final days of Witchcraft at Middlebelt Road wasn't the end, it is a beginning, a new beginning, as we come to the New Year.

I, today, ask Veronica, the others that have helped me, my spirit guides, and the Goddess to help me in my goal to make a strong connection to the mystic within, the source of my inner esteem and desire to help others ... as I begin the next part of a never-ending Path to Perfection.

Aaron J. Wilburn, Jr.
Spiritualist, Pagan, and Healer
Webmaster, Alternative Reality Dot Net

(For all of the Pagans who know me, and want my phone no., just email me.)