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Flynn, I-275, SP!Profile

I'm the one known as Interstate 294, Flynn-Mun (Middlebelt Durranis), or from back then, Spiritual Perspective. I have other nicks, but not used often. Basically.

I'm Aaron J. Wilburn, Jr., also known as Hayes Anthony Hardcastle, 21, from Warrendale (Detroit), Michigan, of course, in the United States. *big grin* Anyway, I am 21, but I am more like 14 in my heart, and will always be. I go to ITT Technical Institute for Electical Engineering and to Wayne State University for Computer Science and Engineering. I am self-employed as a webpage designer ... of course, Interstate 96 Webpage Design. I'm big time on online RPing, as what I have been doing most of the time. I did little of real life RPing ... it seemed impossible.

Roleplaying - NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST! Of course, I have my own way of roleplaying - but it is a long story about me and roleplaying. You have to see me in many of the rooms where they do roleplaying to have something go on like this. Anyway, I have my own page of where I have many different RP characters - and that would be seen by clicking here.

TV? Well, only game shows, really ... I just like the feeling of somebody winning $5,000 ... matter of fact, I would want to be a game show host someday ... ^^; Well, I do watch other things, but the only thing that interests me besides the local news is the game shows! Kinda strange, ne? Probably. Well, I watch cartoons - lots of anime (especially Gundam Wing and Ronin Warriors), Bugs Bunny, and many more on some days.

Movies? Only 1 movie, and that was Starship Troopers. That was a long time ago ... but hell, the only other time I went to the movies was when I went and saw Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie! ;_;

I like wearing casual and suit-like clothes... I'm not much for blue jeans, unless they are black ... and I do wear t-shirts on certain times as well, too. ^^ Here are some other pics to look at of me: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4

Travel? I love to! *LOL* If you was here in Detroit and was with me you would know how to get from here to ANYWHERE in the 3-county area on a BUS! Yes a BUS! *LOL* ^^ It is surprising, but I have been to every mall in the area, and is heading for FLINT soon! (For all of you who know where Flint, Michigan is, and its location from Detroit, well, you'd know that is very FAR, but there is a bus that goes out there! ^^;)

Food?: Well, let's see .... I LOVE PIZZA!!! Chicken! And there, french fries, hot dogs (ketchup only!), bologna-and-cheese sandwiches, and hamburgers (ketchup only!)
As for music, I like jazz and rock. Well, mostly jazz, but the only reason why I listen to rock because it hypes me up on certain things like the Pagan meetings or when I am going to a special event pertaining to something magickal, spiritual or something like that ...

OK, OK, so I have my obsession with Sorcerers! ^____^ Yeah yeah, they start off weak, but then like at level 50-60 they are like nearly unstoppable! I have my obsession with magic users because it has mesmerized me ... just look at all of the pics that I have uploaded to the site! Isn't there a pattern to this?

I'm somewhat of a softspoken person - I barely talk to others unless really needed. I'm more of an antisociable person at times - a pessimistic - and being the way I look like, I am sometimes ridiculed and attacked upon, and don't get alng with som others. From that I sometimes have little or no faith in myself at all, no matter where or what. I feel intimidated by many others who even have the slightest sense of being influential or powerful - and myself feeling like no one will listen to my point of view. It beings me to depression at times. Unfortunantely, even watching some cartoons - especially fighting based anime - get me in that low mood again, and yes, for the same reason. Roleplaying has helped me a bit, as I play some of my characters, one of them being Middlebelt Durranis. But again, on some occasions it doesn't work - as my confidence in the character being a strong being kinda goes to zero - well, because of like said - there are many others more powerful - and on that fact - wondering if they might attack or something.
I am yet trying to get back in my spiritual path, as yet I was in a better mood before going back to roleplaying. I sometimes believe that even though we learn from each other - we also have to be aware of what abilties and talents we have within. I hate it that some people try to prove me wrong (in everything) - but who says that they know everything - or me for that matter?

I look within me to keep myself in a positive form. I pray to myself from being intimidated by anyone - because we are only as powerful as we say we are.
Aaron Wilburn / Hayes Hardcastle