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Healing Works

Over the years I have learned to tap into the mystical power from the Universe and within myself ... however, the way I perform healing and special rituals come from the heart ... and my Heart showed me 4 ways to do that.

Reiki is a spiritually guided form of energy healing. The practitioners are attuned to Reiki before starting to send it. Practitioners like myself are able to touch people and the healing energy will flow from the practitioner to the healee, and as Reiki II or higher, can use distance healing symbols to send Reiki energy to someone from a distance.

Spiritual Perspective is a Reiki II Practitioner.

Formal Spiritual Healing
As an ordained minister, I am able to perform distant spiritual healing. One thing about this is that I have a deep intention of healing.

First, I have to "feel" my intention of healing. Then I open up my heart to the energy of God. I use visualization, prayer, and meditation to incorporate that. There are many other ways of spiritual healing, but remember, each healer has a different perspective. I also ask for the help of angels and other spiritual beings to help incorporate distant healing, too. I can feel the energy surging inside, and then flowing out of my hand. That means that I'm sending loving, healing energy to anyone who needs spiritual healing.

I do this every night at around 11:30 (except weekends), and the length of time to do the spiritual healing is irrelevant.

The good thing about me and spiritual healing is that I have deep intentions of healing. Even though I'm a minister, it doesn't take a person who has had spiritual experiences (NDEs or OOBEs) to become a healer. I have learned that intention is a very powerful key in healing. And that's true, too. Those deep intentions, along with prayer and meditation, has made my energy projections more and more powerful, because the intentions come from the deepest part of my heart. For the last 2 years, I have had that intention, and I have "felt" it.

Also, when I perform healings of that nature (and for all sessions I do, really), I too, am healed. That's because the energy that flows in me heals me as well, along with the other people who needs it. It's like Reiki, in a way.

I will be glad to perform spiritual healing for certain people. Just email me who where and why, and I will perform the session.

Witchcraft and Magick
Basically, witchcraft is a more precised way of healing using magick spells and invocations ... well, here is what I do on a certain witchcraft session:
1: I start off by lighting the candles (incense as well),
2: I begin an opening statement, then I begin an invocation, calling on the Goddess, Spirit Guide Trent, and the Sorcerer within (Knoblauch Mangione).
3: I begin to wait and sense the energy, and then I begin a special chant (depending on the type of witchcraft session needed. That info is below.) Apparently, the chant and energy sending part of the session will take a while.
4. After then, I close by thanking the Goddess, Spirit Guide Trent, and the Sorcerer within for the help, and then I have a few moments of silence before I end the session.

The Witchcraft spells that can be done by Spiritual Perspective: Banishing Spell, Love Spell, & Healing Spell 1 and 2 (2 is used for a number of people for for a very strong healing for one person.

From a deep perspective, it seems that rituals are powerful events using magick, especially relating to healing. During my search, I have saw rituals done for different purposes, and done mainly by Pagans, Wiccans, shamans, and others in that category (basically ones who use magick). Pondering on that word "ritual", and then the wondering that magick is in the mind, gave me a deep feeling and a thought about doing rituals. There is a certain ritual I do, known as the Mystic Ritual, but only on certain days.

The Mystic Ritual was branched off the Full Moon Meditation because of the fact that there's only a full moon once a month, and this deep feeling of doing this deep, powerful, healing ritual should come more than once. So, it will be an individual event on days that there is not a full moon. Of course, it will still be as a part of the monthly Full Moon Meditation that I do.

During one experiment that I did on one person that requested healing, I decided to try this ritual that I thought of, involving special energy movements, and I also did special things, like invocations and that (my ritual info will be explained later.) I did that ritual in that night, and when I got to the computer lab the next day, I had noted some things that the person said that he had felt:
- Felt a loving presence.
- Energies were very powerful.
- A burning sensation on the place that needed healing, and then a better feeling, better than before I did the ritual.

So, from that, I decided to make this a special ritual that I do for special times.

Now I will usually have the day of the ritual on the main homepage or here. Again, I do this because I love helping others to heal, and I feel this ritual might be another powerful way to bring healing.

How I do the ritual? I wrote this out so I wouldn't forget (It took about three hours to write all this! *lolol*)

1. I start off by doing an opening invocation, calling my spirit guides, R. Karschnick, Trent (a new spirit guide that I met), and Doupri Seti. I also give an acknowledgement and thanks to the Universe for the energy that I will channel and send to the person/people that ask for healing.
2. I will call off the names of those people who asked for healing.
3. Meditation is a part of this as well, because it helps me to ground and center myself, so that the energy can flow freely. Visualization can also play a role in this as well, but it is more useful in the sending energy part of the ritual.
4. Certain movements helps me to being in more energy.
5. Myself, R. Karschnick, Trent, and Doupri Seti starts to send healing energy.

The next Mystic Ritual will be done on 7-13-2000.

If any help is needed, you can email me at spiritualwarrior at stormloader dot com. Or, you can fill out the easy Special Request Page. I will get the request and then will perform what is needed.