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The Spiritual Path

1995 was the year that brung a spiritual shift into my life, even through the hatred I have experienced over half of my childhood when living in Detroit. During a day after school, still in my ROTC uniform, a bus driver named Michael martin gave me an issue of phenomeNEWS. From then, I started reading it. it did not take but a few days for me to have a certain feeling inside to start reading it more ... it started to give me negative feelings when I could not get it from anybody else but Michael. And then, that was the start of my spiritual research.

However, I think that I should NOT have told others in school about it, because it seems that once I told my friends about it, they seemed to have flamed me about it due to them being fundamentalist Christians. That day, they took me to somewhere called "Youth for Christ", a place where every Tuesday, we played, had fun, and then talked about Christ. Well, like I said, I listened and everything, but still, evene out of the center, the people inside still ridiculed me and stuff ... that is how Christians are? Gah. So, besides what my friends said about it, I STILL went upon with my spiritual research, talking to my spiritual friend, Michael, and reading phenomenNEWS.

In 1997, though, I had graduated high school, and went on into the US Air Force ... to only stay there for SIX WEEKS ... in the blistering 110-degree sun in San Antonio, only to be discharged on Aug. 1, 1997, due to a number of dorm inspection failures...and a few other things I would rather not disclose. When I came back to Detroit, I decided to take a break and then, in Sept. 97, I went to ITT Technical Institute.

A spark came from within in Feb. of 1998, when I started looking at phenomeNEWS again, and this time, the spiritual research got even deeper, as now it also got into healing work, especially Reiki and Energy Healing. However, during that search, I came through yet another encounter from what has happened ... from when my uncle thought it was a "cult". From that, instead of doing something drastic, I decided to make my research known so that people wouild not portray things like that. From then, I made my first website, the Healing and Spirituality Researcher's Website, at

After a few months, the site had changed, and my website was known as Spiritual Perspective's Temple. From then, I was known as Spiritual Perspective, basically saying that I take several things in my own perspective, guided by the Universe. From then, things had changed. I was ordained as a minster of the Universal Life Church, and from then, started from my own healing work, which did wonders on the first 5-6 days. On August 1, 1998, I was attuned to Reiki, and then later on, to Reiki II.

After 7 months, I, as the Spiritual Perspective, has helped over 250 people, and my website has expanded to many pages ... up to 67 at once, and had certain things that made people come back, like my personal picture of healing hands, which one person said had a very powerful healing effect on her. That there is basically because I keep to my intention of using the universal energy, from above and within.

In March of 1999, I was in a Pagan/Wiccan chatroom in WBS and was talking to a certain Pagan who had told me about certain Tuesday meetings over in Garden City. I then went there on a time where I went to Wonderland Mall. I talked to the person who told me about this place (Krikytt!), and then with my interest in what Pagans do, I started to go there for 7 weeks and then researched on Paganism and what they did. And it seemed that witchcraft was the first thing I thought of. Even though overhearing things about witchcraft and some negative things associated with it, I noticed that I am in Detroit, a city where there are 100 churches within a mile! And there is more in my life then just Detroit.

During the summer of 1999, I had did more research on Paganism and witchcraft, and also learned a few things on HTML (to make the website that you are looking at now). However, due to the matter that the thoughts about witchcraft, and then the thoughts about sorcerers, magick, and inner power, brought me back to the Pagan meetings in Garden City, on Sept. 28. From there I had a new thought about a lot of things. As of October 2, 1999, I had started to practice witchcraft in my own certain way.

Now, as a beginning solitary practitioner of magick, I continue on the mystical path of Happiness and Perfection, and still as a spiritual healer, I am again, trying in helping Detroit and the world in healing. Yet through all of the things that have been said about me - I try not to get upset about it - and try to keep in my own way ... and do whjatever I can to keep myself in peace and to help others.

Blessed be, Hayes Hardcastle (Lightworker)