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The Spirituality Page contains like it says above....perspectives and findings on most of the spiritual matters that I have finding out since I started on my spiritual path. The findings are from other people who I have been talking with and most of the perspectives are my deepest feelings on spirituality. There is a main thing I believe in spirituality - believe in yourself. And about God, I don't know anything, but who does? Not me or any other minister who might have studied the Bible for x years, and none who have been in the transpersonal realm, or who have had NDE's or OOBE's. I believe that is good for healping other sbut the thing about it now is that it is so confusing about this about our physical lives, spiritualism, and all of the subjects that come with it. And add religion to it, you have total confusion.

Now, you noticed something about me and my beliefs....spiritual beliefs and practices. I have been self-taught in spirituality for the most of the time that I was in spirituality....and was taught meditation by an energy healer named Kathryn Grace. Again, Kathryn told me the same look deep within for the answers about practicing healing. This has been a perspective that has been very, very deep for me....if everything was going good before, this might not have happened. More on this as you browse the Spirituality Page.

Love and Light,
Spiritual Perspective

The First Perspective

At first I was very confused about spirituality. It wasn't like these religions. I started reading "phenomeNEWS" and some other books, and I noticed something else. I had noticed that it was all about ourself and our spiritual journey in this world. I pondered about all of this, but then when I started to get more into it, it was getting more confusing.

Spirituality was not what I wanted to be, but it seems that I had to be in spirituality to be a healer. i thought about it, but religions also practice healing as well, spiritual healing for exact (yeech! And wondering about that and me as a spiritual healer, good grief......)

Some more things came up as well. Like the fact of the question that came to me one day by Spirit Guide Karschnick: "What would you do if there were no more healers in the world, you were the only one left, and someone comes down to you and says, 'help me! I need healing!'? How did you think the first healers did it?"

Things got more complicated too. The fact that they say that we need to get insights from other people. From that, I still got that thing from Karschnick saying something about spiritual wisdom, "How would you get any wisdom if there weren't any books that had any spiritual wisdom? Who would you consult?"

There is more where this first perspective comes from, in the final part, Deepest Feelings.

Noted Findings on Spirituality

There is a lot to say about spirituality, but after all of this, it'll all cover one person. Basically, more about it can be seen on a website that I have looked at for about ten weeks,

Spirituality, or what might be called "spiritualism", is the science, philosophy and religion of continuous life based on the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World. God's message to mortals, declaring that THERE IS NO DEATH: that all who passed on still live,and that there is hope in life beyond for even the most sinful.

Spirituality has a big difference from orthodox religions, and one part is the "sin" part, and some things that I have heard many ministers say about what God will do to sinful people.

There are some things that it teaches:

Therefore, it removes all fear of death.

Even though I have had thoughts of the past or the future, I am basically always in the present, the eternal NOW that keeps me happy and enlightened. There's nothing to worry about when all there is is the present moment. God is "present" in all, and will be at ALL times.

One Religion I Researched that is Like Spirituality

After five weeks researching in one religion, I have found out it has nearly the same principles as spirituality. Well, I was astonished that the name of the Religion as "Eckankar". I really liked it.

Eckankar is called the Religion of the Light and Sound of God. Wait a second. Did I say, the Light? Well, that means something about that movie, doesn't it? Well, finally the point about the Light might be getting to many people, I don't know about you, though.

Wait. Eckankar is a religion, however, it's not an orthodox religion. This is the religion that many other people thought the other orthodox religions were going to be like. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to give up the other religion you were in before to get into Eckankar. basically, it refers to all of the other religions, too. Hey, I'm a Christian, and I happen to refer to the Eckankar book called "Eckankar: Ancient Wisdom for Today". Well, that's that.

Let's talk about something that spirituality does, too. Let's talk about Reincarnation and Karma. Basically, it talks about the Soul leaves the body, and about the Law of Karma, which is the spiritual form of the Law of Cause and Effect. Let me tell you what had happened one time, talking about the Law of Karma.

One day, I went to see a healer named Brett Koon, in Royal Oak. He was supposed to have a meditation class, however, he said it was going to be the third Thursday of each month for the summer. Well, then, Brett and I started talking about Energy healing. The next day, I met Brett on Greenfield and 13 Mile, and he was saying that I taken energy from him. I wondered, "Huh?" Then, I wondered why I was so sleepy on that John R bus that morning. Brett was talking with me about the Law of Karma, and now it was making sense to me.

Let me say this. Here's one statement that'll touch the lives of all.


That's the bottom line.

Alternative Healing, Spirituality, and Christianity? O.o?

I don't get the reason of combining these three subjects, but that's the whole thing about me as the Spiritual Perspective. I put alternative healing (the healing that I am practicing right now) and spiritual matters together to make it confusing!!! Yes I do believe that the Great Spirit is the one surfacing these methods of healing, but now it is really confusing because of the fact that there is some theoretical things added to it. I know that all of this about healing deals with these things: The aura, chakras, and the energy itself. But putting it all together, yipes. Now that's the thing about it. Looking at over 350 books within the last 7 yeras, I have noticed that. Have you noticed that there have been lots in changes in everything about those three subjects above? Well, Spiritual Perspective will tell you from his point about this....but for a disclaimer, it might not be what you believe about them. So if you like anything about what the Spiritual Perspective says about this, take it and tell others about it. If not, find another page.

Spirituality and alternative healing seem interwoven, noticing all of the ways spirituality takes the energy out of healing. However, like I said, it is beginning to be a "tad" out of range to laypeople, formerly myself. As Detroit's Holistic Healing and Spirituality Researcher, I had noticed that I have seen lots of healing techniques coming up. I decided to search most of them, but it seems that all of this started to take a theoretic approach. I think the only spiritual-based healing technique that went the other way was Reiki. basically because of the fact that there might have been 15 different hand positions, but the thing about it is that there is no theory on it, just the Reiki Master telling about what Reiki is, attuning us to Reiki, and in a few hours, we're healers! Talking spiritual things into it, well, that's a good question......does it say anything about spiritulity or any sort of "God" thing in there? Nope. Just laying hands, and it works! plus, putting spiritual matters into this, they say that this and this is the right way to heal. (double yipes) Fortunantely, Reiki says nothing of that, whileas most others say that it goes this and this way. Well, there are some rules that I will mention in Spiritual Perspective 15.0 that says a few rules in healing, but that's mainly it. For all of the rest, you just trust your Heart to do the rest. So, in short, truly there's no complicated way of doing healing, just permission, an open heart, and a good intention of using the energies. That's basically it.

Don't even get me to talk about Christianity in this, this will come out of a different situation. I wondered about that Bible for so long. These words I pondered on, "Devil", "sin", and "hell". See, spirituality says that we came here for a reason. I guess Christianity gave us that reason, and that we were sinners when we were born. (yipes) If we were sinners when we ware born, and God knew that already, why did he make us? That doesn't make sense. After being in 4 religions (no more after age 9), I was getting tired of somebody saying that "this is the only right way to God", or "this and this is the way to live your life to serve God." Fiddlesticks! I have been living my life to serve God for the longest, and I have getting nothing. However, I will not blaspheme, even though I almost did. Getting in spirituality and alternative healing (as a spiritual healer), I have wondered that many people have disrespected my belief in this. True people in God would not try to disrespect other beliefs. This also goes in the saying that I have on my Ritenour Karschnick page: "You can't give a New Age/spiritual perspective to a Christian if they are not open to it, or if they are at peace on their spiritual path." So, why would I bother? That's something. So, why should the Christians bother either? Someone tell the Spiritual Perspective that. I guess that it's all part of the path. Getting through it is the way to divine wisdom.

My Deepest Feelings

Sometimes in life I get confused, wondering when and why and all of the other questions that mihgt come up on the subject of spirituality. I feel very good at myself, then a John R bus later, after looking at some books and other things, I begin to wonder, and then it goes the other way around. Then, I wonder, why did I spend so much time on this website? It's 106 pages long!

That's when Karschnick told me about my deepest feelings about dealing with energy in healing work. So, I wondered, what does spirituality have to do with this? Karschnick said that there was only the Heart to answer that, so I just just did energy healing, and everything else came in place. Karshnick also told me that there will be times where that question, "What am I doing here?" will come up, even for me. Even master healers realize that, and it can happen to them as well. So, from that, I begin to do what the Heart says, and not worry about anything else.

Like I said, the only reason why I got into this about spirituality is because the healing arts was so intertwoven with it. First, if I never saw that "phenomeNEWS" paper bak almost 10 years ago, then I would not have been in this so deeply, and I would have been a pinball champion or something. But hey, spiritual matters will affect us anyway, no matter what path we are on, so why not make the best of what spiritual powers we have, before it's too late, in whatever lifetime I have been through. I know for sure, things have gone for the worse for Detroit over the last 25 years, during and after my transition between my 23rd and 24th lifetimes (this is my 24th that I am living right now.) Problems have been going for thw worse, and all it has done was push it to the next person in charge. That doesn't make sense. I have lived in Detroit too long to find this out! The main question is: Does spiritual matters have to have to be so deep within the healing arts? That's what the Spiritual Perspective wants to know.

So, now, as I read on books and articles from master healers and spiritualists all around the world, I start to reflect on myself and realize, and know that I will be a master healer, too, because we are all master healers.

This was a report written by the Spiritual Perspective at 3 am, because I couldn't sleep that time, I was too deep in spiritual matters, and there was some very deep thoughts that I had to write down and put it here. :) This is the time on a weekend where deep, powerful, spiritual thoughts from my Heart come out beause there is no activity in Detroit, and I was just finishing watching the Powerpuff Girls at that time. (lol)

Spiritual Perspective/Ritenour Karschnick:
"Coej si fa ejojio dciepoijyionoi fobi ase zaezu vivjz yhao bafalajuy sinv tunto bjycypixacac."
(May the Energy of the Great Light hold us in love, peace, and joy through our spiritual paths.)

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