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M-39 Rant
Online RPing

(w/ I-275)

My ranting sometimes can get very serious at times ... so don't get offended .... but wait a second, whose page are you looking at? I have feelings too, and I would rather out releasing them this way instead of the other way (which unfortunantely I had to do almost 3 times!)

You know, looking at Lim Dul Mun's Rant on his page (, I really noticed about something ... about why I was not noticed upon there as much as some of the other people there. I have been roleplaying in WBS (Anime chat) for years ... and I am surprised at how Bigbob's gen RP room has gone worse then that, and what is worse is that they think that Anime chat is all that bad? First of all, I am one of the roleplayers from Anime chat, and I am not like some of the others in there who think that some of the other rooms from there are "morally" better. And this IC and OOC thing, there is almost no difference, because The OOC self is the one who is applying with the IC ... and the imagination of OOC is what got the idea of the C that is IC ... so don't tell me that IC and OOC are different, because in a way it isn't. Now, to move on, My comments are almost as similar as his ... because of how I have been treated upon there. (All of what Lim Dul Mun say is in italics).

To start things off I must say I am appauled by the trace amounts of evil Cs these days, what is it with everyone trying to be good. It sickens me, I like roleplay wars, I lust for others blood. It allows me to vent the rage I feel towards people in ordinary life.

You know what, evil, as Jay told me back in the Gen RP room, means morally wrong ... now the question is, who put morals in the Bigbob Gen RP room? I sure didn't seen any when I was in there, so the question is, who did? I sure didn't. I might be a stickler in GMing but sometimes I see why the evil ones have to Godmode in order to keep their evil C's alive. I don't see why I am ranting upon this because of the fact that I am playing a C named Middlebelt Durranis ... who is almost heroic. Almost I say? Yeah. Somerset doesn't go and try to defeat EVERY evil ... oh goddess ... Hell, Someret doesn't even have enough faith in himself to do much of that because of there are too many other "holier-than-thou" so-called heroes there. Now you wonder why Somerset is so depressed? And why I-275/M-39 gets soo pissed at sometimes? When I thought about Somerset being a mercenary into the BlackOps, someone tried to get on me saying that I should not .. thinking that this was all for attention? What did I come into a ROLEPLAYING room for? To be ignored all day? And as Spider Wolve / Emperor Alckon said to me on 4-26-2000, there are too many other guardians and heroes, so the qustion is, why should Somerset stay as one? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is a good hero/protector in there besides Somerset ... you don't believe me? I go into the chatroom almost 144 hours a damn week to know that for a fact! Well thanks to Armando Mun, he has given me an idea of making a evil C, named Xar'kal Darkseifer Harr ... I started playing, but then when I kidnapped Daunte (4-16-2000), about 5 other people, one being a f'kin GOD, tried to stop me .... that there is one of my proofs about heroics and why I bother with Somerset being one. at sometimes.

Another thing that bothers me is people who GODMODE. These muddaf'ers deserve to be drug out into the street and SHOT! If you can't play fair then why the hell are you playing at all!!!!??

You know what, I-94/M-39 has been noticing this for the longest. I am sometimes a stickler in this, but good grief. There is a thing about this for one ... on certain occasions I would allow it for the evil C's ... because again like I said about there being very little evil C's ... it isn't easy being an evil C for one at all ... but sometimes, good grief. I mean, 2 or 3 Gods, OK, but 517?! That's obseenly RIDICULOUS! Now this only apply to those who they think they have all of the powers and elements and stuff ... in an extreme form ... not to those who might just be using 2 very strong forces (as long as they know how it would affect them.) Unless there was a good reason that I can tell that someone has a lot of powers ... then that is just ridiculous to be that. I mean, good grief ... it just makes me want to gag all night long! And no, Somerset is NOT a god! Go to Somerset's page and see ... he might have trained in those magicks but Somerset very recognizes them ... I did that because I knew what to expect .. I only use the few powers he has in his regular form, or the Golden Heavenly Powers that the Spiritual Magician has.

Don't think that you're more powerful than everyone else cauz you wrote on your goddam tag that you ARE!!!!

This is one of the main reasons I get EXTREMELY pissed at some people. Now you see why I barely put anything on my tag??? These self-righteous, egotisical people who put a lot on their tag to think they are powerful enough to do anything. That almost is like the last 2 I was talking about, the Godmoding, and the heroics. I noticed that there were a lot of heroes who liked to put a lot on their tag so that they would scare the evil C's off ... goodness, you see why Somerset barely puts anything on his tag? Well, ok, so I put something on his tag, but good grief .. after seeing this rant: (1)-I had a certain feeling and stopped making tags for Somerset [unless poetry or putting certain things on his tag, like my I-94 symbol], (2)-The tag makes him think he is an egotisical person [utterly impossible because of a lot of reasons, that should be easy why], and (3)-Somerset follows rules of a holy knight, and holy knights are not supposed to act like that. I also notice that because the white arts [M-39 practices it] only deals with the values of purity, and I know for a fact that cockyness is NOT one of them! Now I know you can have some confidence in yourself, but being cocky is just going overboard ... "one who uses the white arts and is cocky upon oneself is actually using the dingy white arts." [I-94, 4-15-2000]. Now from this, I also hate those misfit C's that play as they are supposed to be more powerful than any demon or God. Goodness Southfield! That is going over the line! And by golly Southfield, I am surprised that they are STILL playing with them!! I don't know. It might be me on this but this is how I have felt, since of course, I learned this about roleplaying about myself, and not anybody else.

The rest of the ranting is from me.
Another thing I wanted to talk about is the groups brought upon here. Give me one good reason why they are formed. I'd omit that to the evil C's because they need a group in here. Now about the GL Empire in there, that is a good question. They have their way, and I have mine. Kapieche? Now, no offense to all of the groups in there, but when it comes down to saving the tavern, aren't there too many other heroes not to have the need for all of the groups? Or should all of them be formed into one group? Sheesh ... there are about 21 groups in there when I feel there should be probably 2 or 3 ... give me a break.

Oh, and you really want to know something, look at this. What is it about the systems in there? Let me say this, sometimes they are overrated in the rooms. People should be drugged out and shot for if they think that those systems are dominant in what is actually FREEFORM room, why do you think it is called General Roleplaying???? Everything is equal in there, no matter what ... and from then, there should only be a few rules upon it, UNLESS you are playing with someone whose C comes from the same system, or that they are in a room where it is based on that system. Everything else should be anything goes, EXCEPT what I said about Godmoding and all of the other crap. Why did M-39 say that? Simple. Because of the fact that I don't like it that I am ignored because of the fact that I have lost my interest in the systems because (1)-I also have school, work, etc etc., 2-From #1, I don't have time to study all everything upon that because of the fact that I woud like to roleplay instead of getting theories and then RP. I make up everything from myself, not from a system of certain things. If you like it, fine. But do not expect I-94 or M-39 to make it dominant over his RP ... because it won't. Then even from that you're part of the ones who are self-righteous upon your RPing, and the systems.

That is all I have to say. Good day.
Interstate 94 / Southfield M-39

Lightworker's Thoughts