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"For yet what we see somebody else do ... we can do better if we look within." -Spiritual Perspective

Hello and Merry Meet all! I am Aaron J. Wilburn, Jr., the Spiritual Perspective. I am an ordained minister, Reiki practitoner, lightworker, spiritual healer, counselor, and researcher (basically known as an "energy medicine practitioner"). My goal is to make a difference by helping myself, Detroit, and the world in the healing process. This is a 17-page site based on research on different things topics rage from the different healing techniques to spiritual principles. These principles are from the New Age or Unitarian principles, and some things are from the Christian principles, or spirituality in general This page is also to help people in need, through prayer requests or Spiritual Healing.

Plus, as a spiritual healer, I am always willing to help people in healing, in any dimension, mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This is a VERY deep intention of mines. I do spiritual healing from love. There are many ways you can get healing through the Spiritual Perspective. There are many ways:
1. Through the Spiritual Healing Request Form. It will be sent to me, and I will send you healing energy.
2. You can personally email the Spiritual Perspective if it's private. Look below for the email to mail me for healing.
3. Periodically I will be doing Special Spiritual Healing Rituals*. More information will be up on the page of My Healing Work.
P.S. For all who needs spiritual healing, I need city and state as well as email address and the condition that needs healing. :)
--SPECIAL NOTE: Because of me being behind in a myriad of things, I will only do healing requests every Friday and Saturday, unless otherwise noted. Emergency Healing Requests will NOT be taken like that, but I need a very good reason for this healing, basically because of the reason said thereof.

This page is dedicated to help those who are in need of healing or guidance. After three years of healing and research myself, I have decided to do the same for others. It was a gift from God to be a healer and a counselor, and I am very proud of doing something for others as well. Plus, I am always willing to chat with others for private counseling sessions or you can email me at spiritualhealer@alternative-reality.net. I am not a expert in this, but the love of helping others is what gets me through doing healing work and spiritual counseling. That is how I feel.

DISCLAIMER - I might as well do this so that I would not get any flames about my site. This site might not be truth to you. You will hear this message on most of the pages that I have that deal with anything upon spirituality - and if you feel that it is a truth to you and I am of great service to make the SP Website - then go ahead and look around. If not, there are other websites to look at as well. Thank you. -Spiritual Perspective

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